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Safetywise Consultancy is a family run business aimed at helping companies and Self-Builders navigate Health and Safety Legislation, including “The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015” which applies to all construction work in the UK at a fair and competitive price.

Managing Director Mr. Nicholas Sheppard Tech.IOSH – AaPS work alongside CCS Organisation LTD to tailor packages and assist Self-Builders in their duties under the Regulation and management under “Management of Health and Safety in Construction Guidance” Published by the HSE.

With new rules under “The Building Regulations 2023” published on the 1st October 2023, it highlights and has adopted the need for a Principal Designer, this role is new to the Building Regulations however has been in “The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015” since 2015 when the role of “CDM Co-Ordinator” was removed. However, there is much similarity between both and this appointment under the Building Regulations 2023 would usually lye with the architect and/or structural engineer.

As a Domestic Client Self-Builder, you may find yourself requiring assistance in Health and Safety understanding these requirements not only for Principal Designer under “The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015” but also if you wish to act as Principal Contractor, Site monitoring etc. Under the NEW Building Regulations 2023, and as Principal Designers for CDM 2015, we can advise and check this is compliant fulfilling those duties of PD under the New Building Regulations.

We offer Build Managers Clients discounted rates on these packages to assist the self-builder in fulfilling their duties and understanding what is required when taking on this regulation.

Package 1
  • CDM Principal Designer appointment under a Memorandum of Agreement
  • Advise you on your duties (Duties under CDM)
  • Carry out all pre-construction information (PCI) packages.
  • Carry out Fire Risk Assessment (if appliable) as part of PCI.
  • Assist you throughout your project checking everything is Compliant under CDM 2015
  • Advise on Health and Safety File for Build
  • Filing your Form 10 to Notify HSE of your project.

Price from: £3700+VAT depending on project size and location, due to site visit required.

Package 2
  • Appointment of CDM advisor
  • Advise you on your duties (Duties under CDM)
  • Advise you from pre-construction phase right through to building control sign off.
  • Issue templates and guidance for completion of pre-construction information.

Price from: £1800+VAT depending on project size and location, due to site visit required.

Package 3
  • Remote CDM 2015 advisory assistance of up to 4 hrs of phone consultation,
  • Information guidance pack on what you are required to do under CDM 2015
  • Advise you on your duties (Duties under CDM)
  • CDM 2015 Awareness Course
  • Issue templates and guidance for completion of pre-construction information.

Price from: £650+VAT

If you are also going to act as Principal Contractor then this will have to be discuss with you, as this will mean more duties that you are responsible to fulfil, and will be required to complete a Construction Phase Plan, Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Assessments, Site Plans etc.

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Safetywise Consultancy have partnered with Build Manager to assist domestic self build clients with the Health and Safety requirements under CDM 2015

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