Site Safety Evaluations

A safety evaluation examines the safety systems and procedures within an organisation.

Site safety evaluations inspect elements like management and employee participation, an analysis of the workplace, how hazards and prevented or controlled, accident analysis, and safety training efforts.

Safetywise Consultancy Ltd, can carry out a Site Safety Evaluation during the duration of the project on site, it is good code of practice to carry these out, as they are a form of monitoring to ensure that the site remains safe and that all safety procedures are kept up to date.

During the site safety evaluation, we will check everything in accordance to CDM Regs 2015 for construction work these include but not limited to;

  • Welfare facilities – Toilets, washing facilities, food preparation areas, etc.
  • Documentations – Health and safety policy, RAMs, F10, Training Records, etc.
  • Emergency Procedures – Fire procedures, Evacuation procedures, first aid, etc
  • Vehicle / Pedestrian segregation and site layout
  • Waste material management and notes
  • Permits to work

And much more…..

For non-construction related work, we will inspect all the aspects of safety within the work being carried out and that the correct documentation is available and adequate.

Once the Site Safety Evaluation is complete then you will be issued with a percentage out of 100% along with actions to be carried out, this will then need to be signed by the responsible person on site and a report will be issued.

There is no exact amount of Site Safety evaluations that you must do as this depends on the nature of your works, number of operative on site, size of site and duration of the project.

We can either do ad-hoc site safety evaluation visits or we offer 3 different packages for the site safety evaluations, by committing to a package this will save you MONEY, these are;

Safetywise Consultancy can either do ad-hoc site safety evaluation visits or we offer 3 different packages for the site safety evaluations

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